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Refer your friends to their dream-jobs and get up to

4000€ reward or simply apply yourself

About skillhunt

Skillhunt is a recruitment platform matching talents with their dream jobs, finding candidates for Amazon, Unified Factory, Travactory, Brand24, and other top tech companies. We aim to present opportunities that suit your requirements. That's why you will not find typical job offers here. All our offers answer the most important question: is this a perfect fit for you?

Each job on the platform has two sides. The first one defines the requirements for a candidate. It consists of the required skills, stack, and tools used by the company. The second one shows the opportunity. On the top of each offer, there is a short introduction, basic offer information including salary and perks that you get. You can refer such an offer to your friend to get the cash reward or, if you think that this is your next career step, apply yourself.

Career opportunity

We aim to present opportunities that suit your requirements. This is why you will not find typical job offers on our platform. All our offers answer the most important question: is this a perfect fit for you? A short introduction and basic offer information, including salary and perks that you get, are shown on top. If you think this is your next career step - apply! We’ve put a lot of effort into making the application process as simple as possible.

To apply for a job, you only need to grade skills required by the employer, confirm familiarity with technologies and tools. Filling this up won’t take you more than 2 minutes. Once your profile is set and ready, our recruiter will contact you to ask about your expectations. No spam. No risk of sharing your information without your consent. Simply decide if an offer suits you and apply!

For headhunters

You haven't found an offer that suits you? You can help your friends find their dream jobs and earn some money (up to 4000€!). Or you can become a real headhunter and start your adventure with a remote job.

You can refer anybody who fits a job offer using your unique reflink and track the status of the recruitment process in your profile. The only thing you should do is find the right person and wait for your money. Wondering how to start?



Check job offers


Pay attention to Bounty!

Choose any job offer you like and just start searching for suitable specialists.

Make sure the candidate applies using your unique reflink. It will let us know that you recommend them.

The company hires your candidate.

After the candidate’s trial period, you get your BOUNTY!

Follow 5 simple steps














Refer a friend

You can also refer a job offer to your friend by sending them your unique reflink that you get after registration. Just click the “Refer a friend” button and copy your reflink. You can also share it on social media. When the company notifies us that your friend got hired, you will get your reward.

Skillhunt is a headhunting agency that doesn’t spam or nag people. We let you refer jobs to your friends and if they are recruited, we pay you a reward. The amount of money you get depends on the position you refer. You can also double your Bounty by solving the quest which can be found in the app after registration.

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