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Features that make us smart

Key skills listed by scale, Competency spider graph, etc.
Get a curated list of top 10% applicants for you to qualify further.
Manage all candidate applications from the platform, not hundreds of emails.
CVs are old-fashioned. Create an in-depth profile, with links to Linkedin, Github, Behance, or even your personal webpage.
While applying for a job, self-certify your skills. Our spider-graph shows a quick visual role-fit.
You hear instantly from the employer while they make decisions - straight to your email. No more chasing the middle-men.
One-click is all it takes to transform the career of your friend. It's that simple. Also, know your fee upfront.
Over time, our platform understands that you are a top referrer based on the number of successful hires, and you'll have a fee multiplier! So, remember to refer only the best!
Quickly see the status of your referees, and when you are due to be paid.

How it works

Skillhunt is a game-changer in new-age recruitments - simple, effective and sensible. Referral based hiring brings the best talent to your enterprise and increases employee retention. With fair and transparent referral-rewards, a powerful socially-vetted candidate pool is at your disposal.


Effective Hiring

Candidates apply direct to you and recommended by others in their network. We know top-talent attracts other top-talent! This is employee-referral scheme on a new level. What's more, Skillhunt will pay the referral fee!

Start hiring smarter.


With our customer portal and a visual hiring pipeline, your entire hiring process just gets efficient! No more candidate CVs over emails and exporting them manually on your ATS.

Better hiring productivity.

Predictable Costs

No more recruiting agencies or unreliable job-board fees. With Skillhunt, you pay only when you hire. Yes, it is totally free to post a job on our platform.

Hiring budget, controlled.


From start to hire in under 2 weeks!

Al Tsang
CEO LunchBadger

120 quality candidates presented in 3 months

Edyta Blutke
Technical Recruiter, Amazon

IT recruitment is a challenging business process for finding and matching top candidates for key competencies, quickly. Using Skillhunt has helped us improve our overall efficiency.

Maciek Klosinski,
Metering Dept Manager, Powel Polska

Skillhunt helped us to reach passive candidates, who are not looking for a job on a daily basis

Tomasz Jurek
Head of Talent Acquisition, Senfino


Refer the best

We know you're great at what you do, and you know others who are too! Refer your friends, or those who you mentor. You might just put them on a path to something great!

Do good, get paid.

Speedy Process

With us, you apply direct to the employer. No faffing-around with recruitment agencies. You will know as soon as a decision is taken and you're through to the next stage.

Job seeking efficiently.


Our unique approach using a 'competency-based spider-graph' shows the employer what matters most. You self-certify yourself while applying, no more convincing a middle-man who doesn't understand.

Focus on what matters!
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